Lily Bloom's Kitchen

Taste Testing in the Kitchen

Being a Gluten Free bakery has a whole set of challenges. Specifically. Making food taste FANTASTIC. Not good. Not great. But seriously fantastic. My mother's recipes worked because she had decades to fine tune. We are hoping to not take quite so much time.

So we've been working on several new recipes. Unique, but fantastic,of course. Our secret baking fairy and Chief Pastry Chef is Nancy, who actually comes up with so many of our new flavors and confections.. The trick is to make it work on a bit bigger scale. "Thanks Nancy."

Funny enough...we eat a lot here. I mean, a lot. We must taste a pound of cookies and other assorted chocolate goodies a day. Nancy is a runner, a big time runner. Like miles and miles every day. Fantastically healthy lifestyle.  Michael (baker extraordinaire) could eat 10 pounds of chocolate a day and not gain a pound. (So unfair).  Me? I'm constantly tasting, nibbling, noshing. My Mom raised me to be a chocoholic...dark only! It's the joy of owning a chocolate factory.....Hmmmm! I'm not Willy Wonka but who am I kidding...I LOVE IT!

Gotta get back to the kitchen...we've got some macaroons in the oven.

Written by Larry Shiller — May 21, 2012

Chocolate is Healthy?

Dark Chocolate is not just delicious. It's now healthy for you. Live longer. Eat Chocolate. Love it.


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